My life as a mommy :)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Why, hello there

I am still alive but I just live in huge craziness now.

1. I am now 20 weeks 2 days pregnant! I can not believe that I am already half way thru my pregnancy! Since I have skipped 2 weeks updates I will fill you guys in on a couple of things.
  • We decided to name our sweet little boy Konnor Bryant. We had the name picked out since i was about 11 weeks pregnant and we both just fell in love with it. Bryant is also Justin's middle name, so he is really happy about the name. The only problem is no one seems to spell his name right. I'm sure when he gets older he will complain to me about it but I just love the way Konnor looks spelled that way.
  • Konnor kicks alot now and people are able to feel it from the outside now, so I know for sure it's not gas lol. He kicks alot mainly at night or right after I get off work and I'm laying down to rest.
  • I'm craving anything spicy and Hawaiian bbq wings now! I also crave Mountain Dews alot, so I need advice. Is it okay to have atleast one a day, a week, a month or just none at all?
We are now open at 5am at closing at midnight at work for the Holidays, so I have been very busy with work, hence my blogging absence. However, we live in a small town and no one really shops past 9:30 here on weeknights so we have been very bored and they leave me alone at the front since I am at the service desk, which means i just sit in the floor behind the counter and read. Nice job huh? lol

We are still in the process of moving and getting the house ready. We planned on moving in this weekend but after some unexpected house troubles and me working more than originally planned it has been pushed till next week, hopefully. But we do go everyday and sit there and watch tv and enjoy our time alone. (we already have all the lights, water, gas, tv turned on there)

Kayden has been such a little cutie these days. He is learning all sorts of new things and being cuter and funnier than ever. He has now learned how to show us his muscles.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Big Changes...

We will be having big changes happening in our lives within the next week because Monday, me and Justin start moving in our own house!!!!! We are so excited. We go Monday to clean and start painting then Wednesday, we will start moving stuff in. My biggest excitement is seeing Konnor's room come together! :) Once we get everything painted and moved in, I will take pictures. Konnor's room will be a little bare till we get everything in there but I wanna post pictures of our progess. We already having his bedding bought and his themed picked out. I was amazed at how easy Justin went along with everything.

Here are some pictures of how we plan on doing his room:
We are doing a deep green on top, a dark brown line in the middle then a light brown on bottom.

This is the exact bedding we bought for his room.

The main animal we are focusing on in there will be the cute elephants! I've done found lots of cute items to decorate with!

The name will be in his room somewhere. Not sure where yet.

Cant wait to post pictures of the whole house once we are finished moving in! :)