My life as a mommy :)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Our hospital visit...

Last Sunday, I was at work at 7 am and about 9 am, I started feeling really lightheaded so I told another co-worker that I was talking to and she took me over to sit down and that was the last thing I remember. Just a side note, I've passed out before because I have low blood sugar and I have been very dizzy twice since I was pregnant. But this time it was very different, when I told Bethany i didnt feel good, I couldn't breath, I could feel my heart rate slowing down and all sound completely faded out. I woke up in the ambulance and they took all of the necessary tests. They told me that I passed out before even making it to the table and landed face first, and when Bethany and a customer had went to pick me up my whole body went limp, I was ghostly pale and my lips were purple. So they called the ambulance. My mom and dad met me at the ER and they sat in the room with me while they took more blood work, done an EKG, ran more test, and answered a million and 5 questions. Finally, a lady came in there to check on baby Konnor and try to find his heartbeat. She tried for 10 minutes. She had me roll over on both sides and tried to find him there, she went all over my belly and as low as we thought he may be searching for his heartbeat. Nothing. She didnt say a word to me, she just got up and walked out. Right then, I freaked out and cried like I've never cried before. It made things worse because I looked over and saw my mom crying and my dad walked out in tears. That's when we decided it was time to call Justin and let him know we were there and what was going on. He was there super fast and held my hand the rest of the time.

Now this is where I get pissed off, which does not happen often now that I am pregnant because I dont wanna cause my baby any unnecessary stress. The ER doctor comes in there all happy and what not and tells me that after reading all of my tests, it showed that my blood sugar and blood pressure had bottomed out, i was dehydrated and that the baby was taking more nutrition from me than my body was giving out. He gave me some pills to take to boost my appetite and told me to drink plenty of water and take the rest of the day off. Simple enough right. Seems all happy huh, they determined my reason right? Well yes, but then he tells me I can go home right then. UMMMM HELLO? Where the heck is someone from the OB floor to help find my baby's heartbeat because in case you forgot, your dumb nurse never found it. He had the nerve to tell me that my reason for being there was not pregnancy related and there was nothing he could do unless I wanted to schedule an appointment the following day at my OB doctors. Ok, step back and read the cause of me passing out. THE BABY is taking to much from me. Therefore, I think this is a pregnancy related cause but even if not, no one has found his heartbeat therefore, that becomes a whole other reason to be in the ER. But all I get is a "sorry, there is nothing I can do".

So we had to leave with no answers at all. I called my ob emergency hot line and got a call right back and they took me in to find the heartbeat. As soon as I got there, they found it. His heartbeat was 160. They told me that when I fell, baby Konnor got scared and moved to the back of my uterus which caused the lady from the ER not to find it because her equipment was not high-tech as theirs. I was very relieved to hear that Konnor was okay.  But I am still very upset with that hospital. But the main concern for everyone in my family is always Konnor and he was okay therefore, I was calmed down and was able to provide a less stressful comfy home in my tummy for my sweet little guy! :)

Sorry this was such a long post but thank you if you made it thru it. And Konnor is kicking like crazy so he says thank you as well :)

Monday, November 28, 2011

18 weeks and IT"S A...

Sorry I didn't post last week, we had quite a scare and had to go to the er. I will update everyone on what happened it my next post but just so no one worries me and Baby K are doing great.

How Far Along: 18 weeks

Total Weight Gain: 7 lbs. Thanksgiving didnt do as much to me as I thought it would.

Maternity Clothes: sweat pants and sweatshirts!

Stretch Marks: a few on my legs but none on my belly so we're good! :)

Best Moment this Week: Finding out what Baby K was!! :) scroll down to bottom of post to fund out!!!!!! :)

Movement: I've been feeling the baby move, mainly alot at night or if I'm at work and we are really busy. I think the loudness wakes the baby up.

Food Cravings: Ice. thats pretty much it

Labor Signs: No - and I hope to keep it that way for a while

Belly Button Innie or Outtie: Still an innie, but my belly button is starting to become an outie.

What are You Looking Forward to this Week: Payday so we can buy Baby K some clothes that suits the gender.

Alright alright, I've made ya'll wait long enough. Baby K is a

BOY!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

wow that's alot of jumbled up mess...

I have lots to talk about because i know everyone is getting tired of every post being baby related.

  • Bonfires seem to be a thing me and Justin do every weekend now but what can we say, we love them! This past weekend we had one at my house and it was lots of fun. My dad made the best steaks ever, yummy baked potatoes, cowboy beans, rolls and corn on the cob. For dessert, why smores of course :)

I dunno why this wont turn the right way? grrr!

My little godsister, Kamber! Cant you tell she is a beauty queen!?!?!? :)

LeeLee and Kamber! :)

  • Later that night we all played phase 10, because well me and Justin are champs at that game! Well, I was winning to begin with then somehow I got stuck on phase 7. I repeated that phase 13 times!!! That has to be a new record, I came in last but Justin won so he got to keep his title. We all stayed up till 2:30 that morning playing, bad thing was, I had to be at work that next morning at 7. Yikes!

  • In my family we never put any Christmas stuff up before Thanksgiving, its just something we have always grown up doing. Therefore, seeing everyone's Christmas pictures makes me believe we are probably the only people in the whole world who wait anymore. Not that there is anything wrong with this because I LOVE Christmas, BUT I love food alot to, therefore, I LOVE Thanksgiving!!! However, at work we have already started playing Christmas music and have had our Christmas trees up before Halloween was even over so maybe just maybe, Im kinda like really excited for Christmas this year!

  • Even though we dont start putting up Christmas stuff till the day after Thanksgiving, I do Christmas shopping all year long that way my paycheck doesn't completely go nonexisit closer to the Holidays. I've found amazing deals all through out the year and I'm done with my shopping except for my mom and Justin, but I know exactly what I'm getting them I'm just waiting on it all to go on sale.

  • So next week is Thanksgiving, and Black Friday which means work is crazy seeing as I work in retail but to top it all off on Thanksgiving I have to be there at 4am, which is also Justin's birthday. I get off at 1 that afternoon, I have to run home change and be at his house to eat all that yummy turkey! Then Friday, I have to be at work at 3 am and get off at 2:45, that night we are going out with all of Justin's friends to celebrate his birthday. Then Saturday, me and Justin have to be ready by 8am for a wedding we are both in, then I have to be at work at 5pm that night and work till 1am. Wow, im gonna be completely tired that whole week!!!!!

  • Carrie Underwood singing How Great Thou Art' always brings me to a big jumble of mess. The song touches me in just the right way. We do serve such an amazing God who has blessed us in ways more than I could ever deserve and I never thank him enough. This song puts everything I feel into the best song possible. Listen to it, and I bet you cry too!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Baby in my Belly...

And finally the time has come... Here is a picture of my belly at 16 weeks!!!
Sorry about the flash in these pictures but my camera otherwise takes them very dark

Monday, November 14, 2011

16 weeks and heartache...

I realize that I have still failed to post a belly picture but do not worry I will post one and hopefully have it up by the end of this week. I had one on my cell phone to post but my phone crashed so I lost all my pictures.

How Far Along: 16 weeks

Total Weight Gain: 5 lbs, major jump from last week. What can I say, I LOVE food!

Maternity Clothes: sweat pants have become my best friend!

Stretch Marks: getting some on my legs, eeeek!

Best Moment this Week: Buying some baby stuff, I can not wait till the 28th because we find out whether we have a Konnor or a Kennedy! BTW- I'm pretty sure we have a Konnor but I'll be more than happy either way! :)

Movement: I haven't felt a kick since last week but my doctor says its normal because the baby is not big enough to feel kicks every day yet. However, I can always tell where the baby is in my stomach and he/she moves like crazy! I have a very active sweetie in there! :)

Food Cravings: Strawberries and Ice.

Labor Signs: No - and I hope to keep it that way for a while

Belly Button Innie or Outtie: Still an innie, but my belly button is getting bigger!

What are You Looking Forward to this Week: hopefully more kicks! :)

I'm having a very tough day today. There is 4 pregnant girls at work. One is 34 weeks, one is 26 weeks, I'm 16 weeks, and the girl I call my pregnancy buddy because we are close in our due dates was 12 weeks. Sadly, Chastity (my pregnancy buddy) lost her sweet baby early this morning. I have yet to hear all the details but all I know is she woke up around 3 with very heavy bleeding. She went to the ER and they confirmed every expecting mothers' worst nightmare, her sweet baby went to be with Jesus. They found out she was carrying a little girl and they named her Abigail Rose. I have no words to express how deeply heartbroken I am for her. I can not imagine the pain she is going thru and all I can do is cry because I can't help but think this could have been my baby. I will never understand why miscarriages happen but I also know not to question God. He has a much better plan for her baby but that doesn't help the pain anyone in her family and especially the pain her and her boyfriend are going thru. Please keep her and her family in your prayers.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Big Cousin...

I feel like my blog used to be so much about Kayden and here lately, I've been slacking. Me and him are so much closer these days than ever before. So therefore, Kayden Lee gets a whole post dedicated all to his handsome self! :)

My dad got Kayden this Thomas the train riding thing and he is just in love with it! The moment he walks in the door, he runs into the dining room, jumps on it and rides it around the house for the rest of the day! He can also push it, so he pushes it all over the house and gets very mad if I try sitting on it. He will look at me and yell "MINE!"

My dad and brother are pros at playing the drums, well Kayden seems to becoming quite the pro too. He loves to go in there and beat on the drums, and he just grins ear to ear if you stand beside him and dance while he plays. We sure enjoy it, but I'm not sure our neighbors do lol.

He has this say 'n say toy that he loves, while he got it stuck on the rooster and that same day I taught him how to say "Boo" for Halloween, so now he walks around the house crowing like a rooster then will yell Boo right after! Its super cute! :)

I babysit him on the days my sister has to work so me and him have gotten so much closer and I love when I walk in the door he smiles so big and runs to my leg and tries to climb up it. He loves for me to hold him and give him kisses. He also thinks I'm the best rocker because when he wants to take a nap he will grab my hand and lead me to the rocking chair and make me rock him.

He LOVES Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Yo Gabba Gabba, Bubble Guppies and The backyardigans. He will not take his eyes off the tv and when he does he will just look back and smile the biggest smile ever! No matter how old he gets, he will always be my lovebug and me and him will always have such a special bond. I can not remember life before Kayden, nor do I want to. He has made me the happiest person and I'm so lucky to have him as my nephew! :)

Plus, he is already lovin' his baby cousin, he will be the best big cousin ever! :)

Auntie Yaya loves you Kayden Lee! :)

Monday, November 7, 2011

15 weeks :)

Sorry that the only thing I have posted lately are these updates. Im in a bit of a blogging slump but hope to get out of it soon!

How Far Along: 15 weeks

Total Weight Gain: not really sure, but last weeks was 2 lbs so I'd say somewhere around that.

Maternity Clothes: Def out of my old jeans and now into maternity jeans. Im getting a tiny baby bump so my pants didnt fit anymore lol

Stretch Marks: None so far.

Best Moment this Week: Feeling the baby kick last night!!! :) I was laying in bed listening to Praise You in this Storm and felt the baby kick. I felt like it was an answered prayer from God seeing as I've been going thru a tough time lately and God knew that feeling the baby was exactly when I needed to perk me back up! :)

Movement: I can tell by the sonogram that the baby is a wiggle worm and even by the kick I felt :)

Food Cravings: Chicken Nuggets and Mexican!

Labor Signs: No - and I hope to keep it that way for a while

Belly Button Innie or Outtie: Still an Innie.

What are You Looking Forward to this Week: hopefully more kicks! :)

Kayden giving his baby cousin lovin' already! :)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

14 weeks and Halloween...

Sorry I didnt post my 14 week update yesterday but we were so busy when doc's appointments and taking Kayden trick or treating.

How Far Along: 14 weeks :)

Total Weight Gain: dropped back down to 2 pounds but dr said thats perfectly normal and baby is growing perfectly.

Maternity Clothes: Just wearing a hairband around my buttons to strecth the pants some lol.

Stretch Marks: None so far.

Best Moment this Week: Getting to see my sweet baby yesterday. I have quite the wiggle worm in my tummy and baby k wouldn't stay still long enough for her to count the heart beats, finally we got he/she too but I loved seeing baby k be so active. the heart rate was 153 :)

Movement: None that I can feel but I can see by the tape that baby k is very active!

Food Cravings: Beef Stew, Kool-Aid and Mickey D's fries.

Labor Signs: No - and I hope to keep it that way for a while

Belly Button Innie or Outtie: Still an Innie.

What are You Looking Forward to this Week: all the wonderful achievements my baby is doing in my belly and hoping to soon be able to feel it.

FYI- I find out Nov 28th if Baby K is a boy or a girl :)

Last night, me and Justin took Kayden trick or treating because my sister had to work. Kayden loved it! He would hold his bucket and when they would drop candy in there he would look to see if it was a dum dum pop because those are his favorite, if it was he would smile so big!!! He was such a cute little monster!:)

(I taught him how to scream and he done this for the rest of the night)