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Friday, April 29, 2011

War Zone...

Those are really the only words I can find that describes what my town and county looks like. You see some spots, such as my street, where nothing happened except for a few tress blown down but then you turn the corner and it looks like someone dropped a bomb into the middle of town. It doesn't like anything like I remembered.We have curfews, we are not allowed out from 9pm till 6 am, which I think is a great thing because with no power it saves lives due to people running non-working red lights. Also, people have been breaking into homes since no one around has power or they are digging around in the rubble for stuff to steal. How sad is that! Please pray for them!We have no power and they have begun rationing out water and cell phone service to the towns that were hit. We have no generator so we live off of flashlights and candles and last night we even cooked off of our kerosene heater. We charge our phones in the car and we have so many nice friends with gas water that have allowed us to come over a take showers. But see that is the thing. After I take my shower, I go to MY HOME, to MY BED, with MY FAMILY. There is so many people out here who can not say that. Over 300 houses have been destroyed in my county alone, this is not counting the rest of the state. And last we heard around 44 people have passed away in my community. All I can do is thank the Lord that he has saved so many lives and that so many people are stepping up to help each other. So many volunteers have created shelters, so many restaurants are giving away free food and tons of places have clothes shelters. People from all over the state have come to help clean up. That is God's amazing work right there. I am so blessed to see that. Please continue to pray for this state, and also the other states that have been hit so hard. God is moving around here, I can tell and that makes me so glad and giddy.
Also, if anyone knows how to post pictures from my blackberry to my blog please let me know. Either way, I am waiting to post pictures because after much praying I feel that it is not right to post pictures about others misfortune. And excuse my typos, I know there is a lot.
Pray, pray, pray that's all I ask. And praise God, for he is wonderful :)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Complete Destruction...

Please pray for us. I live in Rainsville, Alabama as of right now we have 33 people who have passed away and still some missing.Just driving through my town not being able to recognize anything makes me cry! The town where I went to high school and where my sister lives was also hit. My sister's road is a complete disaster. The roads are blocked and there is so much damage done. My sister's house is fine but her neighborhood was not lucky! We are certainly without power ( I am posting off of my blackberry) and they said we will be without power for 7 to 10 days and they are warning us of gas and water shortages. I can not post pictures from my phone but I will once power is back up.People I go to church with lost their house, many of my friends have also lost their house. The high school in Rainsville was destroyed and also the civic center beside the school, where most Dekalb County students graduate from. So far Alabama has 174 deaths, and still counting.Please pray for those whose houses were damaged or completely destroyed. I thank the lord for protecting us and I am so thankful we are all safe and so many people are willing to help. Please pray!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What I Love Wednesday :)

On this very very very stormy and tornadoic (i dunno if that's a word) weather, I am linking up with Jamie at This Kind of Love for some What I Love Wednesdays :)

I am loving that even though the moment I woke up we have had tornado warnings, that I made it to and from school safely!

I am loving that even though we are on storm 2 of storm 4, that everything seems to be ok here so far, even though tons of people in this county and other counties around here aren't so lucky.

I am loving that I am toughing out the storms with this little wild child :)

I am loving that I serve such an amazing God<3

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend...

I had no Easter fun at all this weekend.
Friday- I worked.
Saturday- I worked.
Sunday- I worked. All day. All night.
I am so sad that I missed my sister's church drama, my nephew hunting Easter eggs, my family food, but most important, I missed worshipping my God with other believers. I will say, I held my own little church service just me and God. Sometimes those are the best because I feel the Lord speaking to me. I pray and have no distractions. I know the bible verse that was laid on my heart was for me, well because I am the only one. So yes, I still had my church time. Just not the same as others. But still it stunk having to work. I honestly broke down when I got to work because I missed Kayden so bad and really wanted to spend his first Easter with him. My sister said he had a great Easter so that excites me. Here are some pictures she sent me of the handsome little guy :)
Kayden and my mom hunting eggs
My Brother-in-Law, Kayden, and Heather :)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Weekend Love...

My whole weekend has been spent studying for finals and working but last night me and the boyfriend got out for just a bit so we could both relax. (I promise me and Justin will update pictures, he hates them so it's a struggle to get new pictures) We ate at Applebees and I promise to you I have found my newest love!
Crispy Orange Chicken!!
Oh my goodness, I am not lying when I talk about AMAZING!!!!! Plus it looked healthy and had broccoli in it which I love, so it made it 4565454652356 times better!!

Cadbury Creme Eggs :)
Talk about a party in your mouth! I have made Justin go to the store twice in one day to get me these :) I am now addicted! 

Tomorrow will be little guy's first Easter :) I still can not believe how blessed I am to be his aunt, He has taught me what true love is and I know he will turn out to be an awesome Prince of God because he has wonderful parents guiding him into God's light. I look at him and know that there is a God, because otherwise Kayden would not be here. I honestly believe he was sent here to be his Auntie Ashley's little Angel!


Friday, April 22, 2011

Stalker Cashier...

At work they now joke and call me the stalker cashier.
Why, you ask?
Because I chased the lead singer of Rascal Flatts out of K-mart yesterday.
Yes, this guy was in my Fort Payne, Alabama K-Mart!!!

My tiny town has nothing in it. A K-Mart, a Wal-Mart, and a few restaurants. That's it. So to say I was shocked that he was here would be a complete understatement. I was so shocked and star struck that I forgot to get his autograph. Once I finally calmed down I chased him out the door but he was already gone :( But at least I can say I checked the lead singer of Rascal Flatts out!!!!!!!

P.S. check out this awesome giveaway that Tara is having! :) 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What I Love Wednesday :)

I am linking up with Jamie today for another WILW :)

I am loving... That on May 2nd, I will be done with school till Fall. I decided to take the summer off with gas prices being so high.

I am loving... That my boyfriend has been playing in an intermural basketball league where he goes to college at and he done so good :)

I am loving... That my little Kayden is growing so much and loves to get in everything!
I am loving... That Tara is having a wonderful giveaway :)

I am loving... That I've started laying in the tanning bed again. Hello dark skin and relaxation :)

This is from last summer. May not be dark to some but to me, I was :)

I am loving... This song and especially the music video. I am so glad that the Lord has placed the drive to want to become a Pediatric Oncologist into my heart and I just hope and pray that I can do what the Lord ask of me and help save these children because they DO NOT deserve to suffer!

Monday, April 18, 2011


My heart aches today. When I was 1 month and 2 days old, my grandpa (mom's dad) passed away of cancer. I do not remember him, seeing as I was a newborn, but today I broke down in tears because I want so badly to remember him. He raised my mom to be such a wonderful person. My mom says he was so caring and was so excited that his oldest baby was having a baby when they found out my mom was pregnant. I'm glad he fought his battle long enough to get to hold me. I know I should be so proud that he is in heaven but I really miss him today.

Also, everyday I think about the best friend I lost this summer. On July 11, 2010 my sweet friend, Amber Hope Wilborn went to be with her father and our creator in Heaven. She was killed in a car wreck and this changed my whole grades' lives. We all miss her and she was a friend to everyone. She did not care what others thought about her and she had her own taste in everything but yet she was so kind to everyone. I just hope my grandpa and Amber have meet. I miss them both!

Amber is on the right

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Cant Read Sir??

WOMEN. This says WOMEN. Every restroom has a WOMEN sign on the WOMEN's restroom. Well tonight at work, I went to the WOMEN's restroom but saw a man standing there washing his hands. I knew I was in the right bathroom, well because I work there so I know exactly which door to go too. The man looks at me and says "I'm sorry but the ladies room is next door" so very nicely I say "but sir, this has no urinal" and he says "I know, this is a weird store I guess" Then he notices my name tag and says "Oh my goodness, I'm totally in the ladies room"

bahahahahaha, just had to share this totally funny but somewhat strange story with my bloggy friends :)


Saturday, April 16, 2011

Thank you && Obsessions...

Big Thank You to Julie @ thesmittenmintons for understanding the stress of working in Customer Service and for reassuring me that everything will get better, it is just a tiny bump in the road to my future. However, I did not make these cupcakes, they do look very yummy and I hope you enjoy the sight of them Julie :)


This handsome little guy will always be an obsession of mine! I just can't believe how big he is getting, 10 months old! I am beyond ecstatic that I was blessed to be his aunt and I couldn't be more in love with anyone else. Auntie Ashley loves you Kayden! :)

These yummy things have currently become an obsession to me! I have to eat them every morning or I feel like I might have with-drawls.

Weird obsession huh? Well I have seen every Scream movie and I loved them! I'm not a big scary movie person but I remember watching these as a kid and having to run and leap on top of my bed because I feared he was hiding underneath. Well I seem to live under a rock because I did not know that there was a Scream 4 that came out yesterday. My boyfriend texted me and said "Oh, btw Saturday night me, you and your brother and his girlfriend are going to watch Scream 4" I was shocked but totally excited. We even had a little Scream marathon last night while we toughed out the tornadoes that came thru Alabama.

So, again thanks to Julie and you truly helped me alot. Plus, I love that we live in the South together so you understand all the fun southern things.


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Asking for Respect.

I am not going to lie and say that being a cashier is a hard job. Quite frankly, it is a very easy job. One thing though, that really makes me strongly dislike my job is...

I understand that every customer wants to feel important and that as a cashier, I am there to make sure you had a great experience in the store and if you didn't then I am the last person you see, so I need to make you want to come back. However, I ask for respect also. I go out of my way to make sure people are happy, my boyfriend calls it my fake voice. I can be in a horrible mood but the moment I see a customer coming, I change that so that they will be happy. yes, I realize you want your check-out to be quick and happy. I try my best to do that. In saying that, I will also say this. I do not know every price in the store, I can not scan something if it doesn't have a tag and just because you have one item does not mean I will let you jump ahead.

I had THREE people make me cry yesterday. I have those rude customers everyday, but yesterday was the worst. One woman yelled that I work there so I should know the prices and since it wasn't ringing up the sales price that I was purposely trying to overcharge her. I do not have the ability to change prices. At all.

I had another woman tell me that my job was easy so she had no idea why this process was taking too long, even though she did not bring a shirt with a tag on it, so we had to wait on a price check. She cussed me out, telling me that she would call my manager, which she did. This was not my fault, but I still got the blame for it.

Then, the most rude lady of the day. She comes up to me, while I am on lunch and tells me that I should be less concerned with eating and more concerned with my customers so I needed to get to my register and start checking people out then told me I needed to find God. That one really hurt.

So, with all this being said next time you go somewhere to check out, please at least smile at your cashier. I smile and greet you, hoping that I can brighten one person's day. It makes my day the best when I have a customer that is happy and smiles.

Sorry for this long, mean post but i just needed to get this off my chest.

Saturday, April 9, 2011


I love shopping. Possibly even more than I love eating, which I do alot. However, with gas prices being through the roof my wallet has been hurting. But, I have been driving less, bringing my lunch to work and buying cheap things in stuff that I need. Therefore, I am glad to announce that my boyfriend has been forced to take me shopping tonight for my birthday. I am beyond excited :) But do not worry, I searched for coupons on all the stores we have so I can get just a tiny bit more. Here's some things I've been looking at that I just love!

Well I already have this beauty because my wonderful sister got it for me :)
Thanks love!

Friday, April 8, 2011

19 years of Life...

Yesterday, I celebrated my 19th birthday :) that feels so weird to say. I had to work 9-6 that day but that night, my family and boyfriend grilled out. We had some yummy steak that my dad made, he makes the best steaks ever. Birthdays aren't as special and elaborate as they use to be but it was still a great one. Oh, and my sister got me the cutest dress ever, Im in love with it :)

In Alabama, at 19 I am now allowed to:
  • Work past 10 at night
  • Buy tobacco, even though I dont use it!
  • Sign a loan
  • Purchase my own house

Kayden helping me blow out my candles :)

He was loving him some cupcakes :)

Can't ya tell :)

The two boys who have stolen my heart :)

Saturday, April 2, 2011


My best friend Erica and her fiance Jermiah had their beautiful little boy Brody Cole on Wednesday :) Justin and I went to visit them Wednesday after he was born and I fell in love, he was just adorable! Justin was also very excited, which excited me :) Then Thursday, My sister Heather, My lovely nephew Kayden and I went back to see them again. Kayden didn't really know what to think about his mommy and auntie holding another baby and seemed to get a little jealous. He wanted everyone's attention, as always, and made sure we knew he was still there. What can I say, Kayden is just like his auntie.

Erica and Jermiah :)

Erica had to have a C-section because Brody was a whopping 9lb 8ozs.