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Monday, April 1, 2013

Konnor is 11 months!!!

you turned 11 months old on March 24 but mama is so behind on everything. I am enjoying my last few weeks with a baby until you turn into a toddler. It has been such an amazing 11 months. You are the most wonderful baby and you have the best personality. 
You weigh 22.5 lbs and are 30 inches long! You wear a size 4 diaper, size 4 shoe and size 12 months or 12-18 months depending on where it is from! You LOVE to eat! I feel like you snack all day long but you are always on the move so you are working it off. You no longer take a bottle! You get 4-5 sippy cups a day/night of formula. We only give them to you at bedtime and naptime. You eat 3 meals a day and usually 2 snacks a day as well. Grilled cheese sandwiches and apple slices are your favorite! Im so glad you are not a picky eater!
You still arent real great in the sleep department but you are alot better so Im not complaining! You wake up for the day about 6:30-7 and are ready for a nap about 10. Depending on where we are, who is over here or if we have anything to do for the day, you will normally nap for about 2 hours and wont be ready for another nap till about 4 that afternoon. I dont normally let you nap longer than 1.5 hours on that one or you wont sleep that night. You go to bed about 9 pm and wake up twice in the night for milk. You still sleep in the bed with us but I dont mind. I love having you in the bed because that means we get to cuddle late at night (:
You are a very smart baby! You can say "mama" "dada" "poppa" "baby" "hi" "bye bye" and "no". You can stand up by yourself and you almost have walking down pat. You arent doing it by yourself yet but you are so close! You are barely holding on when you walk so I think by your birthday you will have it down pat. You can shake your head no when we say "no no" You can drink out of a straw and feed yourself with a spoon. You can also wave bye bye! I cant believe the things you have learned these past few months! Way to much for me to list! I have it wrote down in your baby book though (:
You got to experience your first snow in March. Crazy Alabama weather! You love the outdoors, Bubble Guppies, your best friend Sophia, your paci, and riding in your wagon! You have 4 teeth and love to use them to bite with! You are such a sweet baby but you do have your mean ways! You never cease to amaze me everyday with how silly you are and how happy you are after naps or when you first wake up! You are not shy and will wave at anyone that talks to you and give kisses to me randomly, which melts my heart! You know what you want and will scream and pitch a fit when we dont let you have it. 

Mommy loves you Konnor Bryant!
I will post an update on how we are doing later tomorrow! So glad to be back but Konnor is calling my name! Make sure to follow us on instagram at konnorsmommy or twitter at konnorsmommy12!