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Friday, May 13, 2011

Helping Tornado Victims...

My friend Holley and I have started making hairbows and pillowcase dresses to donate to families that lost their houses to the tornadoes. Our first little girls were two little girls that I know personally. I work with their big sister and these two little girls are the sweetest little girls ever. They always have a smile on their face and after the storms, the little 4 year old told me that the Lord must really love her because he held her during the storm. Talk about waterworks!!!!! I hope that the Lord continues to bless us with the ability to help others.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Trusting my Savior...

That's all I can do anymore. When things seem to go wrong, I ask the Lord for guidance into the righteous path, and guess what? I always feel so much better. I know the Lord is listening to my prayers and he is answering the ones that are required to direct my life into the path of his plan. I am very grateful for everything I have and I know I'm going into the path that both the Lord and I know is right for my future. The only problem is, I am discouraged daily. People love to put me down. I have prayed long and hard about my career choice and I know that Pediatric Oncology is where the Lord has placed me. I feel my heart tugging there, I will not change my mind. I just wish people would see that I am working so hard to achieve this goal and how important it is to me. I have people telling me that they don't think I can do it, that it's gonna be to hard. Yes, I realize that I have chosen a career that most people dont dream and hope for. But I do. I want to be there so bad. I ache daily because I want to be done with school and working to save babies lives. I cry every time I see a St. Jude commerical of a hurting baby because I want to fix their pain and take it all away. But I know that the Lord is working miracles and a cure will come. I never doubt him. He is so mighty and marvelous. I know that he has big plans for my life and I will succeed at them because I have my God to lean on when times get tough. I have my knees to bow down on when I need to pray. I feel God's presence every second of every day. I know that my life is in his hands. No matter where my life takes me and no matter which hospital I end up at, I will be fine because I will be helping save lives. But not without the help of my God. I hope that I can bring the word of God to all of those suffering and let them know that there is peace in his word. Please pray for me as I continue throughout college, so that God may place all the proper tools and knowledge I need so that I can bring sufferers to him.

(Ephesians 6:10) Finally, be strong in the Lord, and in the strength of his might.
(Isaiah 40:29) He gives power to the weak. He increases the strength of him who has no might.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Loving my Mommy...

My Mom, Michelle

Everyone always says, I have the best mother anyone could ask for, but I really do. My mom is the best lady I know. She would go to the end of the world for us kids. She makes sure that we have everything we need and works her booty off to cook, clean and make sure we are happy. I realize this is your typical mother's day post about your typical mother BUT just let me tell you what is so different about my mom.

1.She is on fire for God.
The one thing she loves more than her family is God. She has made sure that we knew how wonderful God is and I know she will be going to heaven. There is not a doubt in my mind that my mother is not Godly. She wakes up early every morning just to study her bible and I know she really takes in what she reads. She is not just a Christian for looks or because its the right thing to do, she is a Christian because without her God, she knows she wouldn't be here. I have learned so much fro her faith and I only hope that I can build my relationship with God to be as strong as her's is.

2. She truly cares about others.
My mom goes out off her way to make sure others are happy. That can also be the downfall to her because I see her get upset and hurt over people mistreating her. However, she will NOT run her mouth about anyone. My sister came to live with us when I was really little, I dont even know how little because that is how long she has been with us, and my mom treated her just like she gave birth to her. You never hear my mom refer to Heather as her stepdaughter, it is always "My daughter Heather". That to me, is a wonderful thing when you are willing to take a child in and treat them just like your own. That proves her care for others.

Her dad passed away when I was 1 month old from cancer and I know that is always really hard on her but I have never seen my mom complain that God took away her dad. She knows her dad is in a much better place. Don't get me wrong, she misses him so bad that some days I am afraid she is gonna go crazy but she just talks to him and feels better. That's another aspect of how strong her faith is also. She can be so horribly sick, but still is worried about us and cleaning and cooking. I am worried that one day she is going to overdue herself, but she is strong.

4.She is one proud Grandmother!
She is known to Kayden as "MeMe". Every since the day Kayden was born, my mom has been in love. She talks about him all the time and brags about how handsome he is. She is so gentle and patient with him and she just lights up when he is over. This is her first mother's day as a grandmother and I dont think she would care about any gifts as long as she can spend the day with Kayden.

5.She is determined to find a cure.
A CURE FOR CANCER! My mom works at a Cancer Center and she has such a love for all her patients. She can not stand when one of them does not finish their fight and she will cry. Many people ask why I want so bad to be in the Oncology field and it comes from watching my mom and how determined she is. She is so involved with Relay for Life and she praises God for allowing her the chance to be around such wonderful people. She works so hard at her job and I am so proud of her.

6. She is dedicated to her family!
I do not know one game that my mom missed out of us three kids. I do not know one important senior event that she didnt attend for me or Heather. Every field trip, dentist appointment, exciting moment, she was there for it all and you could see her light up when we done something good. She motivates us all to go for our dreams. She has spent many nights holding my hair while I threw up and scrubbing the floor afterwards. She has wiped all of mine and Heather's heart-broken tears. She helped me decide where to go to college and helped Tyler learn to drive. She showed Heather the ropes of motherhood and followed my dad in all of his dreams. She cares more about us than she does herself.

7.Overall, Mother of the Year!
I could go on and on about how amazing my mother is because I am dead set in my belief that I was blessed with the best mother on this planet. If it's true that we pick our parents before birth then I know I picked the right one. I won't lie, we dont always see eye to eye on things but overall, we do. She is my best friend, she is there for all my breakdowns, all my happy achievements, and just everything. When I have my breakdowns I know my mom will be there to pick me up and give me an encouraging word or a whole paragraph. She has helped me so much in school and tells me everyday how proud she is that I chose the oncology field and that makes everything all worth while. She tells all of us how proud she is and encourages us in our dreams. My mom is the most beautiful lady I know and I hate to see her down or doubt herself, but she never wallows in self-pity. If I turn out to be half the mother and wife that she is then I will so proud because she is phenomenal.

A mother's love for her child is like
nothing else in the world. It knows no
law, no pity, it dares all things and crushes
down remorselessly all that stands in its path.
Grandma always made you feel she had been waiting to see just you all day and now the day was complete.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I am linking up with Jamie at This Kind of Love for WILW :)

I am Loving... My wonderful, powerful and forgiving God, for by his grace I am saved and am here to witness! :)

I am Loving... That I got to spend the day with this little guy :)
I am Loving... BABY FEET!!!! :)

I am Loving... This bible verse:
The LORD also will be a stronghold for the oppressed, A stronghold in times of trouble, And those who know Thy name will put their trust in Thee; For Thou, O LORD, hast not forsaken those who seek Thee-Psalm 9:9-10

I am Loving... My sweet boyfriend who is growing such a strong faith that makes me smile :)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Asking for a Blogger Movement...

This is a video from my town of the Tornado damage.

I am not going to post anything sad tonight. Only wonderful praises because I serve such a wonderful and forgiving God. I will never understand why my life and home was spared when so many others weren't so fortunate. But I will continue to live my life through God's name. I will praise him and do all I can to bring others to him. He is moving here in Dekalb County, Alabama. I hate that so many lives had to be taken for God to move in this community but those people are living with the King. They are in a place that I can not wait to be in. My God works miracles, my God saved so many lives and brought so many people together. My God sent his son to die for me. for you. for every person and sinner. I will forever praise him through every struggle I go through in my life because nothing is bad compared to the pain my savior went through. Every struggle I go through should only make my faith grow strong and bring me closer to God. Every day I am closer to living with my Heavenly Father. How amazing is that?

I have had so many people tell me about how blessed they are to still be alive and I couldn't be more proud to hear that. People who have lost everything are praising OUR GOD! They are giving their worries to God and asking him to work miracles in their lives. I am praying for a revival in my town. I am praying that people hear of my town all over the world. Not because of the tornado and the damage it done here but because of the movement God is bringing here. I want people to come visit here and to want to hear his word. I want everyone in Rainsville to go out and witness. To prove that Our God is the most amazing and wonderful miracle worker. I just want people to look and say "Rainsville is where I want to raise my family" we dont have anything here but I want them to wanna raise them here because God is moving mountains here. I know God can move mountains everywhere and I know he does and will. I ask for a Blogger Movement. I ask that every Blogger praises God in atleast one post this week. Praises God to atleast one person a day. Praises God to their family. But most importantly, Praises God all the time.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Sticking Together...

That's something the South is known for. The Southern Hospitality. The basic "I care and I am here to help" I have seen that in so many ways. People holding clothes drives, food drives, or simply taking donations. People have opened their homes for extra places to stay or just for people to take hot showers at. Any bit helps. Stick together and never let go. That's what the state of Alabama has to do right now. Stick with their families, their neighbors, their church but most importantly, GOD.

I love living in the Bible Belt, because even though so many churches were destroyed, every church still had service. Every christian is holding onto their faith and praising God like never before. We are safe in his arms.

I wanna say sorry for my jumble of death tolls for my county. We have heard so many rumors about that. The news is reporting 33 for my county so until that changes, that is what I am gonna say. Again, I am sorry for the mixture of numbers.

Sunday, May 1, 2011


I know I have already posted today but I feel that I really need to say this. I know there is so much damage in other states and especially here in Alabama, but I had not know to what extent till today. Like I said, we had no power till today. I saw a video of the damage in Tuscaloosa. I was completely and utterly shocked. It is horrible there. I pray for them and I hope they can build their town back up with faith. But I also pray for my town. We have more deaths than any county but our damage is not as significant at Tuscaloosa. I did find another area today in Rainsville that I did not know was hit till today when I went to help my friend that lost her home. That road was the worst I had seen. But the hardest part was when I passed what used to be a house that had 4 crosses in the yard. They have been putting crosses where people have passed away. Again, I said 4 crosses. 4 people lost their lives in that one home. But then I remembered, they are home with the Lord. They are not suffering. Then, I saw everyone, even little kids, working together on this road. I did not take pictures. Like I said in the previous post I do not want to feel like I am gawking and I was there to help, not take pictures. I just wanted everyone to know though, that I do care deeply about the other areas that were hit. The other counties and states that suffered damage. I ask that tonight before you go to bed, to please pray for Alabama. Not for the lives that were lost, they are safe in his arms, but for those who lost their homes. Pray for us as a state that we can stand together and bring God's glory throughout all of this. Pray that lives are brought to God. Please also excuse the super long post lately, I am sorry for my rambling.

You are sad and discouraged, tossed around in a storm. But I, the Lord, will rebuild your city. -Isaiah 54:11

Picking up the Pieces...

My tiny town is full of wonderful people. Even throughout this horrible damage everyone is stepping up offering to help each other. This excites me and shows me how great it is to live in a southern town. So many churches and businesses have opened their doors to victims offering shelter, food and showers. So many others are also offering up their homes to help. How great is that!
We received power yesterday, way quicker than anyone excepted. I want to say thanks to everyone helping in our community. At work today, Red Cross came in and I asked where they were from. Some were from Ohio, Mississippi, New York and California. People from all over the United States have come to help.
Sadly, 63 people so far have died in my county and their is still some missing. That is just this county. Altogether, in every state this tornado went through, the death toll is 332. Their is still hundreds missing. Please pray that they are found safe. They said this tornado was an EF-4 but they are still reviewing and it may be upgraded to an EF-5
It never gets easier driving through this. I cry everytime. This is my town, my home, my community and its suffering. They have temporary morgues set up at fire stations because the funeral homes are to full. That to makes me cry. And, I will post pictures now. I am not gawking. I am not being rude in anyway, I am simply showing people what we are going through. I will tell you what these used to be just so you know. This pictures do no justice for what has really happened here. Also this are just from Rainsville, I do not have any from other parts of this County or from any other Counties.

This was the tornado as it started to come thru.

This was the County Civic Center
This was just a little store
A road sign
A house

A Barn

This was a Sola Plant

The High School

The Wing House, my favortie resturant

Debris in the road

A barn

The High school gym


A church

The Huddle House

Inside a classroom

A Classroom