My life as a mommy :)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

4 Months Old!!!

4 months ago I became a mommy to God's greatest blessing! Im still so humbled at why I was chosen to be his mother. I became a mother earlier than planned but God knew that I needed Konnor and I wouldn't change it for anything. Becoming his mother has been the best thing to ever happen to me!!!! :)

  • We went to your 4 month well visit yesterday and you weigh 15 lbs 7 oz and you are 25 1/2 inches long! You are becoming such a big big boy!!! You also have the chubbiest thighs ever!!! You go Friday for a surgery consulation though due to a hydrocele that may have turned into a hernia. We will know more that day but you will be okay because God has his arms wrapped our baby!

  • You are still in a size 2 diaper but moved up to 6-9 month clothes today! We had to go on a shopping spree yesterday because I didnt think you would move up that fast in clothes so I only had long sleeve shirts for you and it has been so hot here so you needed some short sleeve outfits. Any excuse to go shopping for baby boy ;)

  • You are an eater! You love love love to eat! We started baby food recently and you have discovered how much you love it! Carrots and sweet potatoes is your favorite and you HATE green beans. you would gag yourself just so you wouldnt have to eat them but you would eat the whole thing of carrots!

  • You love your jumper and could play in it for hours! It lights up and plays all sorts of music that just makes you jump even more because you get so excited! Your bumbo is still your favorite though and I think you'd be in heaven if you could stay in it all day.
  • You are accomplishing so much! You can almost sit up by yourself, you can roll over from your back to your side, you will scoot all over the place just to see what cousin Kayden is up to, you have almost mastered holding your own bottle and sometimes you sleep thru the night, which is greatly appreciated! The doctor says you are a very smart baby and so alert. You are also a talker and an attention seeker. Every night when we have our cuddle time you will coo to me for a good 30 minutes, which I think is you telling me how your day has been. You will either fake cough or yell to get our attention then giggle once we look at you!

You are just the light of my life and my reason for living. I love waking up every morning to your beautiful grin and it gives me motivation to get through the day while I am at work. You never cry unless you are hungry, you are always laughing or smiling and you are such a big boy in everything you do! You have made your mommy and daddy the happiest parents ever! I Love You "Nonnor Bear"!



Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Couponing- Baby Style

Since I have went back to work but work less which means I make less, we have to make our money last and it's no secret that baby stuff aint cheap but all mommas have an obsession with buying all the cute baby stuff, well atleast I do. I decided to take up couponing. I thought I should share some of my secrets to making our money last.

  • Sign up for every baby coupon possible!!!! I get coupons from Pampers, Luvs, Similac, Johnsons & Johnsons, and Walgreens coupons for other baby items as well.

  • Similac mails me a $5 formula check once a month, plus sometimes their cans include coupons for $3 off. Right there is $8 off. If Walgreens has their formula on sale, I also use their coupon for formula of $2. That is $10 off a can, if you buy the big can its like getting a can for FREE! Hooray for free baby formula! :)

  • Pampers sends me coupons once a month (and my mom to hehe). They normally include two $4 off coupons, one $3 off coupon, one FREE thing of wipes and $1 off of wipes. Shop around to who has their diapers for cheaper and use your coupons for that to double your savings. A Foodland in front of my house sells their diapers for real cheap, so I normally come out on paying $5-$10 for a thing of diapers depending on how many I buy. You cant beat that for something baby HAS to have!

  • When it comes to buying clothes I will only buy when they are on sale or clearance. I also sign up for coupons to Belks, Childrens Place, and Babies R Us. We went to Childrens Place during our tax free weekend and only bought stuff on sale. I paid $30 for 8 outfits for little man! Belks always has their Jumping Bean line on sale, and I just love those outfits! Stock up when you can and buy ahead!!!!

  • I also buy from a Buy Sale & Trade page on Facebook for certain toys and some clothes. I only buy like new items because I dont mind buying used items and people always sell them cheap!

  • Also check out for the best mud pie outfits and hairbows! They do sale boy clothes just not as much as girls. I bought Konnor's Christmas outfit for $25 on there and him some football leggings for $3. They also ship real quick!!!!

These are just certain things I have seen that help us save money. If you have any advice to help me, please leave me a comment and let me know!!!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

random update about our life!!!

This is going to be a jumbled up mess of all things new (or old that I have forgot to mention) that is going on in our lives now.

  • This is something I have avoided talking about because I got such horribly mean and rude feedback about it on my Facebook. I started back to work at Kmart when Konnor turned 6 weeks old. I got moved from Service Desk to Pricing. I stay in the back now because I told them I could not handle being on the floor and seeing all these babies, it just made work that much worse. I only work Monday- Friday and every other week I'm off on Wednesdays. I work 8-1 so that puts me working 20-25 hours a week. Going back to work was something I dreaded so much and I cried the whole week before and my first whole week back. I went home early everyday my first week as well. It gets easier but some days are alot harder than others. I am very lucky that my mom was able to quit her job and she now stays home and keeps Konnor for me. I am so grateful that I have someone I trust that keeps him and that I dont have to worry about him catching any germs from babies at a daycare. I am also very lucky that Justin picked up more hours at his work so that I didnt have to work as much. My job now is just to pay our small bills and to spoil our sweet baby boy!!! :)

  • I also am going to be an aunt again!!!!! My sister is having a little girl named Kennedy Ryan. She is due Jan.12. We are all so excited that its a little girl and my mom and I have already went crazy buying outfits and bows for her. As much as I love having a boy, (I prayed and prayed for a boy so hard for me! Prayers answered!), it's so fun to find cute little girl outfits!!!! Cant wait for Konnor to be a big cousin!
Kayden finding out he is going to have a little sister!!!!

  • I have a huge obsession with monagrammed clothes! Konnor has four things hanging in his room with his name on it and atleast 3 outfits in each size with his name on it. Thankfully, one of my best friends makes clothes and she always makes us the cutest clothes! She made his beach shirt with his name on it shown in the last post, she just finished his halloween shirt and is now working on his Thanksgiving shirt. Anytime she wants to try out new outfits for boys, we get to be the testers and we love it! She fulfills my obsession and I dont have to pay her a dime!

  • Football season is about to start for us, high school and college! ROLL TIDE! Konnor has tons of new Alabama outfits that his daddy picked out for him! Recently, my brother's football team just had Fan day that we attended and Konnor loved having all the boys talking to him and playing with him!

  •  You can follow me on twitter for daily updates and pictures of my little man! Its konnorsmommy12   hope to see some new blog followers on there! :)