My life as a mommy :)

Thursday, December 13, 2012


Im just now getting around to doing this post. Call me a bad blogger, I know it!

Konnor Bryant was the cutest little pirate I ever did see! Everyone loved his costume and Im so shocked that he wore the hat because he HATES stuff to be on his head but he never bothered it.
We decided to skip the trick or treating this year since he was so young and it was kinda chilly that night. We live in a big neighborhood so we stayed home and handed out candy. He loved it! Everytime someone would knock on the door and would start kicking his legs and squealing. He was the cutest! Overall, we had an amazing first Halloween! We even let him have one sucker. (i dont wanna hear any rude comments please)  it was a big day and he was such a good boy that day!

We had a busy Thanksgiving! We ate at Justin's parents house for lunch then my grandparents for supper. Konnor loved it because he got to play with all the big kids. He loves them because they pay him so much attention and he just adores them! We also gave him table food for the first time. He hates creamed corn but loves green beans and mashed potatoes.