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Friday, January 11, 2013

Christmas Fun...

I'm late on every post I do so why should Konnor's first Christmas post be any different? LOL

We had our first live Christmas tree this year and Konnor loved it!! I still say that this how the reason he started crawling because once the tree was up, he wanted to crawl and would just sit by the tree. I think he was very upset when we took it down, he cried when we started taking it out the door.

We went to two Christmas parades and Konnor just loved the fire trucks! Justin is a fire fighter so he got to be in both the parades and Konnor would just start smiling and kicking when he saw them coming! The parades were in the beginning of December so it wasn't that cold just yet but he still got to wear those cute red and white Christmas overalls from Gymboree!

We went to a place called Noccalula Falls and looked at the Christmas lights. It was so neat. You ride the train to get a few of what all is there, then you can walk it, which took us nearly 2 hours to walk. They also had Santa visits, a place to make cookies and hot chocolate, reindeers and a petting zoo. It was very nice! Konnor loved looking at all the lights and would just look from side to side so he wouldn't miss a thing.

It was really cold so we kept him in his stroller and wrapped so many blankets around him that when we got back to the car he was sweating lol. You can tell by his red nose though how cold it was.

Santa also came!!!! And boy was Konnor a good boy! He got lots of presents but of course he was more into the wrapping paper and the boxes than he was the actual gifts.

This was the one toy he seemed excited about and it was a bath toy. I told y'all that boy loves his baths!! He got some really nice gifts from his cousins and grandparents as well. He got a wagon, a ball pit, a walking toy, DVD players for the car and lots of Mickey Mouse toys!

This picture makes me laugh because it looks like he is saying "stay away all these toys are mine!" We can't wait for the weather to get warm so we can ride him around the neighborhood in his wagon. Right now, rides around the house will just have to make do.

We had an amazing first Christmas as a family of three. We saw Santa twice, saw Christmas lights, parades, watched many Christmas movies, had 5 Christmas dinners and Santa came :) I know next year will be more exciting but this year was amazing! Being a mom makes Christmas that much better!!!!

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