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Thursday, September 1, 2011

What's In My Bag...

I'm obsessed with Youtube. I'm constantly watching hair or makeup videos, well I realized some people were doing a "what's in my bag video" I wanted to do but I refuse to make a video so here it is in picture form. It's nothing special, so dont be jumping for joy or nothing lol.

My Bag :)

My $5 wallet, that I love!!

My extra sunglasses, I have a pair that I love and keep in my car this are my dollar store backups in case I forget to snatch my others out before I leave.

My planner, filled with all its boring school and work info. Bleh :/

My "Monthly" bag, it stores my monthly life savers if you catch my drift

Bobby pins, gum, hair bow, brush, chapstick, and my love spell germ x

The most wonderful smelling lotion ever!

extra earrings!!!!

There is more such as my keys, my phone, my camera but I felt those were pointless to post.
So see, nothing special but I just wanted to!


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