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Monday, August 29, 2011

Bones, Muscules, and Diseases... OH MY!

This title pretty much describes my life right now. If I'm not at college I'm either at home studying my Anatomy and Microbiology, or I'm at work hoping for it to be a slow day so I can study. This has taken over my life... BUT, I need it to get into the nursing program.

On that note, I had someone ask me the other day what my back up plan was if I didnt get into the Nursing Program. My answer was simply "I dont have a back up plan" Then I got the are you dumb look, you know the eyes squint, eyebrows scrunch up and look all funky, yeah that look.  So, you may ask "Ashley, why dont you have a back up plan" well great question. The answer is because I dont need one. I know exactly where I belong and where I see my life in the next few years. I feel that God would have not placed the desire in my heart to do Pediatric Oncology Nursing if I couldn't get into the Nursing Program. Do I sometimes doubt myself? Yes, but I know that my God knows what is best for me and he is leading me exactly where I need to be. He is along side me every step of the way pushing me. I hear so many negative comments "Oh, wow I cant believe you wanna be around sick babies all the time" "You know you'll probably back out right?" anything you can think of, I've heard it all. But all I need to keep me going is praying to my God and begging him to show me that I'm going into the right field. He does that everyday, I feel that I would not happen to see the St. Jude commericals everyday if God didnt want me in that field. I feel that God wouldn't have allowed me to meet a sweet sweet little boy who had surgery to remove a cancerous tumor off his brain. All these are signs that I'm doing exactly what God plans for me to do. And I praise him for giving me the strength to not let these negative comments bring me down but most importantly, for giving me the strength and the knowledge to want to do this.

I know this was a random and long post but I felt it was needed to say that way if someone else is being degraded for any choice they are making in their life, just know that God is the one who holds our life in his hands. It's all up to him. For that, I will forever praise him!!!!



Brunette & Blessed said...

dont will do great! With God all things are possible!

Becca said...

I know you can do it too! And for the people that question it, it's just more motivation to reach your goal!

Camylla Leonardi said...

People ask me the same thing. Actually worst, people tell me they dont think I can do it. Nursing is hard, yes! but If you try your best and ask God for his help, nothing will get in your way!

You can do it girly!!