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Saturday, August 18, 2012

random update about our life!!!

This is going to be a jumbled up mess of all things new (or old that I have forgot to mention) that is going on in our lives now.

  • This is something I have avoided talking about because I got such horribly mean and rude feedback about it on my Facebook. I started back to work at Kmart when Konnor turned 6 weeks old. I got moved from Service Desk to Pricing. I stay in the back now because I told them I could not handle being on the floor and seeing all these babies, it just made work that much worse. I only work Monday- Friday and every other week I'm off on Wednesdays. I work 8-1 so that puts me working 20-25 hours a week. Going back to work was something I dreaded so much and I cried the whole week before and my first whole week back. I went home early everyday my first week as well. It gets easier but some days are alot harder than others. I am very lucky that my mom was able to quit her job and she now stays home and keeps Konnor for me. I am so grateful that I have someone I trust that keeps him and that I dont have to worry about him catching any germs from babies at a daycare. I am also very lucky that Justin picked up more hours at his work so that I didnt have to work as much. My job now is just to pay our small bills and to spoil our sweet baby boy!!! :)

  • I also am going to be an aunt again!!!!! My sister is having a little girl named Kennedy Ryan. She is due Jan.12. We are all so excited that its a little girl and my mom and I have already went crazy buying outfits and bows for her. As much as I love having a boy, (I prayed and prayed for a boy so hard for me! Prayers answered!), it's so fun to find cute little girl outfits!!!! Cant wait for Konnor to be a big cousin!
Kayden finding out he is going to have a little sister!!!!

  • I have a huge obsession with monagrammed clothes! Konnor has four things hanging in his room with his name on it and atleast 3 outfits in each size with his name on it. Thankfully, one of my best friends makes clothes and she always makes us the cutest clothes! She made his beach shirt with his name on it shown in the last post, she just finished his halloween shirt and is now working on his Thanksgiving shirt. Anytime she wants to try out new outfits for boys, we get to be the testers and we love it! She fulfills my obsession and I dont have to pay her a dime!

  • Football season is about to start for us, high school and college! ROLL TIDE! Konnor has tons of new Alabama outfits that his daddy picked out for him! Recently, my brother's football team just had Fan day that we attended and Konnor loved having all the boys talking to him and playing with him!

  •  You can follow me on twitter for daily updates and pictures of my little man! Its konnorsmommy12   hope to see some new blog followers on there! :)

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