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Saturday, September 8, 2012


I forgot that I never posted how Konnor's appointment with his surgeon went.

As of right now, it's still just a hydrocele and not a hernia like we was worried about. Since its not a hernia that only means no surgery for now. We go back in the end of October for another check-up. If the hydrocele does not go away by the time Konnor turns one, he will have surgery. His surgeon could not give us a definite answer about whether or not he thought it would go away on its own. His hydrocele is in a very odd place which makes it harder to pass. Fingers crossed for no surgery for my baby boy! It's supposedly a very easy and simple surgery but still that's my baby and I do not feel comfortable with putting him to sleep or with him having stitches in such a sensitive place bu as a mother I want my child to be better and I know God is watching over him.

In case you're wondering, a hydrocele is a water build-up in his little boy parts. It's nothing we could have prevented and it does not hurt him one bit. They said he got it when I was pregnant and I was not big enough so certain parts of his body got neglected. When a little boy's testes drops something shuts off so no water is allowed in, well konnor's never shut off. We noticed it at his 2 week check up. But like I said Konnor is not in pain, he does not even notice its there. He doesn't cry or anything during diaper changes or baths when you clean him so that's why they will wait till he is one if it's still there.

We just ask that everyone please pray for our sweet baby boy!

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