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Friday, September 14, 2012

Too much evil...

I'm just going to warn you, this is not a happy post, it's far from it. If you're in a good mood, I would not read this post.

We live in a small Alabama town where nothing but nothing happens. We eve at everyone we pass, we have small town functions where everyone joins together for a fun time. A town where football rules our town and no evil ever happens. Recently, the evil has found my small country town. Within the past month, our town has had 3 robberies and 2 shootings, all in which the shooters are still on the loose.

Where has this come from? I thought I picked a safe town for my son to grow up in. I thought I picked a town where my son would know no evil. Apparently I was wrong. I know there is evil all over but it just don't happen in our town. I cry many nights that I have brought Konnor into such a cruel and evil world but I know that only God will make this all better. I fully believe that God is watching over my son and he is protecting my sweet baby. I ask that every mother pray over your sweet baby everyday. That every mother explains to their child that there will be evil all around us, no matter where we live but that God's love overcomes everything. I just hope and pray that' my town gets back to normal but most of all that our town finds god again.

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