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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Birthing Class...

I am on Medicaid, no I don't feel ashamed to admit this because I am still on my parents insurance and Medicaid just means its covering all things pregnancy for me so my parents don't have too. Anyways, while on Medicaid you are offered to attend birthing classes. Since I'm due in April, my classes start tonight. I've heard mixed reviews on if they helped people feel prepared or not. Some say they liked feeling clueless and classes just scared them. I'm confused on whether or not I should attend. Suggestions anyone??


Andi said...

We discussed this in length and have decided we're going to go. At first, I thought the classes would scare me and I would just depend on my body to know what to do. After talking about it, we've decided it's best for us to just give it a shot. We'll inevitably learn something and if we don't, all we lose is a few hours of our time.

Becca said...

How was the class? I went to a four week class when I was pregnant with Autumn. I thought it was pretty informative if you haven't been doing your own research before hand. When I was pregnant with her, I was bit obsessive reading all kinds of parenting magazines and books so I felt like everything I heard was something I already read. Well, except for the breathing techniques but I didn't even need them because I had an epidural with her and didn't feel a thing. NOW, by the time I had Aubrey and NEEDED those techniques, I had forgot them.

Whew! That was A LOT! Ha! I hope it went well though!

Oh and they also had snacks at the one I attended and that was great! lol!