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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Advice on all things baby...

I promise I haven't forgotten that I owe you all a Nursery post but that's sorta what I'm needing advice on.
We are going thru all the things we got at the baby shower and I'm trying to organize them in a neat, clean way. Any advice/tips on any good organization things for a nursery. I really need his nursery done like pronto because the doctors are saying anytime now that he could be here.
Also, I need advice on what I should pack in mine and Justin's hospital bag. I'm totally clueless.

So advice on organization, hospital bags and mainly anything else you think I'll need for baby Konnor :) thanks so much girls:D

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Natalie and Lee said...

Hey girl! I'm a little late on this comment, but my friend bought baskets and labeled them by the month (on the cute chalkboard labels), for her onesies/gowns, so she wouldn't forget about them and could use them all. They also have the hangers that are labeled monthly that I am hoping to use.... BASKETS, BASKETS, BASKETS are always helpful! :) TJMAX, Homegoods, and Ross always have good prices too b/c they can get expensive!