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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Konnor's First Beach Trip :)

Two weeks ago, we went on our first vacation as a family to Panama City Beach! We had so much fun and Konnor loved the beach! he loves being outside so we knew this would be perfect for him! It rained pretty much our whole trip there so I was a little upset but Konnor enjoyed just being out on the balcony and going shopping so I was perfectly happy too!

Justin went deep sea fishing with my dad and little brother and he was in heaven! So me, my mom and Konnor got to spend some alone time together and it was so much fun! I love all the alone time i can get with my sweet little man! Please enjoy pictures of our trip :)


katie ridings said...

After those long hours of labor did you still get to have a vaginal birth? Everyone keeps saying after they were in labor that long they had to have a c-section and it is totally bumming me out.

Ashley said...

Yes I did. My doctor used the suction cup to help me deliver him. She said if it popped off then I'd have to have a c-section but it didn't. It did scar his head though. All doctors are different but she knew how important it was for me to try. Hopefully you can too! :)

Becca said...

What fun!!! I am loving all of his beach themed outfits!! I want a little boy to dress so stinkin' bad! AND YOU lady... are totally adorable!

Ashley said...

Thank you! I spent forever picking out his outfits, I was so excited! I went shipping Atleast 3 times to make sure I had the perfect ones! Boys are sooooo fun!!! :) your girls will love the beach! :) hope y'all have fun