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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Darker Hair and Handsome Kayden...

I now have brown hair again!!! :) i got it done about 2 weeks ago but when it first got done it was black and i was to scared to take a picture of it. But now that it has lightened up, I like it alot more :)

Kayden is being such a funny little boy these days. He loves to make people laugh and he is turning into such a flirt. He has been blowing kisses to random ladies, but not me or his mommy yet :( He goes "OOOOOHHH" to everything and when he sees something he wants, he runs to it then starts giggling. He is so sweet and I couldn't imagine being an aunt to any other little boy. He knows exactly how to make his Auntie happy :)

I have been working full time this summer to help save up money for when I start back to college next month since I wont be able to work as much. So, I haven't really got to do anything fun this summer so there is not much to blog about. But I hope you all enjoy pictures of the most handsome little boy alive :)


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