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Sunday, July 10, 2011

It's Been A Year...

Since the FHS class of 2010 lost a dear classmate and a close friend of mine. It doesn't seem like its been a year since our lives were completely shaken and seemed to have turned upside down. I remember on July 11,2010 I was leaving the river when my cousin Amanda called me to tell me that Amber had gotten in a car wreck. She didnt know anything else at that time. I sent Amber a text message to check on her because I didnt feel like I'd believe it until I either heard it from her or she didnt text me back. Needless to say, She never texted me back. About 10 that night I got the text from our class president. Amber had went to be with our sweet Jesus. Her and her boyfriend's little brother were going to the store when a lady hit her in Amber's lane head on. Amber had died on impact, but that information was told to us till later thats how no one knew till later that night.

Amber Hope Wilborn was a sweet girl who was in love with our Lord and had big dreams to become a nurse, she wanted it way more than I could ever imagine!!! I'm not gonna lie, we had our moments were we would wanna kill each other. We had been best friends since 5th grade and lab partners every year since 8th grade. She would text me every morning before school and say "when they call roll, make sure you tell them i'm here, i'm running late" and i mean she sent that every morning! We used to fight over boys, and was even not friends for almost 3 months whenever I started dating Justin the first time me and him dated. We always had the same taste in guys and clothes. Our Junior Year, we picked out the same prom dress even though we both changed our minds. We were alike in so many ways.

It's so hard to know that it's been a year since I have heard her voice, talked to her, called her at 11 at night to see if she wanted to make a Sonic run because I was craving a watermelon slush and I knew she would wanna see the cute boy that used to work there. You never realize how much someone means to you until they are actually gone. I miss her so much but I know she is in a much better place. She is in heaven with both her fathers, Our Heavenly Father and her Daddy. I cant wait till the day that i get to see her beautiful face again.

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Becca said...

HUGS! In our senior year of high school, my hubby lost one of his closest friends. It was really tough on him and a lot of us. He even has a tattoo in remembrance of him.

It sounds like you have an amazing angel looking over you and everyone else she knew!