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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Precious Little Caylee...

Dear Beauitful Little Angel Caylee,
I'm so sorry for the horrible horrible wrong that was done to you. You were nothing but a sweet, beautiful precious little 2 year old who never done anything wrong but yet your life was taken so soon, and your "mommy" although, I hate to call her that, is running free. You didn't deserve that done to you and I hope you receive the justice you deserve. Although, I know your in heaven with our wonderful God and you deserve nothing more. I'm glad your there because you are such a beautiful angel I know! And our maker knows who hurt you and they will pay. I can't wait to see your lovely face one day when I go home too!!

Today was a hard day for me, it completely disgust me that that ugly witch gets to walk free while her daughter lost her life due to your partying! There is not doubt in my mind that she killed her daughter. When they read the verdict I was at work and I cried so bad that I got sent home. This is a trial I've followed since it started and I hated the end turn out. All I gott say is my judge will give her the sentence she deserves.

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