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Monday, May 2, 2011

Sticking Together...

That's something the South is known for. The Southern Hospitality. The basic "I care and I am here to help" I have seen that in so many ways. People holding clothes drives, food drives, or simply taking donations. People have opened their homes for extra places to stay or just for people to take hot showers at. Any bit helps. Stick together and never let go. That's what the state of Alabama has to do right now. Stick with their families, their neighbors, their church but most importantly, GOD.

I love living in the Bible Belt, because even though so many churches were destroyed, every church still had service. Every christian is holding onto their faith and praising God like never before. We are safe in his arms.

I wanna say sorry for my jumble of death tolls for my county. We have heard so many rumors about that. The news is reporting 33 for my county so until that changes, that is what I am gonna say. Again, I am sorry for the mixture of numbers.

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