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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Asking for a Blogger Movement...

This is a video from my town of the Tornado damage.

I am not going to post anything sad tonight. Only wonderful praises because I serve such a wonderful and forgiving God. I will never understand why my life and home was spared when so many others weren't so fortunate. But I will continue to live my life through God's name. I will praise him and do all I can to bring others to him. He is moving here in Dekalb County, Alabama. I hate that so many lives had to be taken for God to move in this community but those people are living with the King. They are in a place that I can not wait to be in. My God works miracles, my God saved so many lives and brought so many people together. My God sent his son to die for me. for you. for every person and sinner. I will forever praise him through every struggle I go through in my life because nothing is bad compared to the pain my savior went through. Every struggle I go through should only make my faith grow strong and bring me closer to God. Every day I am closer to living with my Heavenly Father. How amazing is that?

I have had so many people tell me about how blessed they are to still be alive and I couldn't be more proud to hear that. People who have lost everything are praising OUR GOD! They are giving their worries to God and asking him to work miracles in their lives. I am praying for a revival in my town. I am praying that people hear of my town all over the world. Not because of the tornado and the damage it done here but because of the movement God is bringing here. I want people to come visit here and to want to hear his word. I want everyone in Rainsville to go out and witness. To prove that Our God is the most amazing and wonderful miracle worker. I just want people to look and say "Rainsville is where I want to raise my family" we dont have anything here but I want them to wanna raise them here because God is moving mountains here. I know God can move mountains everywhere and I know he does and will. I ask for a Blogger Movement. I ask that every Blogger praises God in atleast one post this week. Praises God to atleast one person a day. Praises God to their family. But most importantly, Praises God all the time.


Maggie Elizabeth said...

I have finally got an opportunity to sit down and read some of your blog! First, I LOVE your LOVE for the LORD!! Second, I am so thankful you were spared during the storm!! Third, you are such a sweet and wonderful lady and I am so glad that you are my new follower!!

Natalie and Lee said...

Loving your blog... we have a bit in common. The tornado hit my hometown of Pleasant Grove as well as the current community I live in of Concord. You are so right, it is amazing to see how God moves. I wrote it in a post on my blog... but I would like to share it with you :) My Sunday School teacher shared this quote with us this past Sunday, "Tragedy is God's megaphone for reaching his people." I thought that was a strong statement and made so much sense to me! Great post, love your blog, and most importantly GOD BLESS!:)I have to say hello to my fellow Alabama girls! :)