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Sunday, May 1, 2011


I know I have already posted today but I feel that I really need to say this. I know there is so much damage in other states and especially here in Alabama, but I had not know to what extent till today. Like I said, we had no power till today. I saw a video of the damage in Tuscaloosa. I was completely and utterly shocked. It is horrible there. I pray for them and I hope they can build their town back up with faith. But I also pray for my town. We have more deaths than any county but our damage is not as significant at Tuscaloosa. I did find another area today in Rainsville that I did not know was hit till today when I went to help my friend that lost her home. That road was the worst I had seen. But the hardest part was when I passed what used to be a house that had 4 crosses in the yard. They have been putting crosses where people have passed away. Again, I said 4 crosses. 4 people lost their lives in that one home. But then I remembered, they are home with the Lord. They are not suffering. Then, I saw everyone, even little kids, working together on this road. I did not take pictures. Like I said in the previous post I do not want to feel like I am gawking and I was there to help, not take pictures. I just wanted everyone to know though, that I do care deeply about the other areas that were hit. The other counties and states that suffered damage. I ask that tonight before you go to bed, to please pray for Alabama. Not for the lives that were lost, they are safe in his arms, but for those who lost their homes. Pray for us as a state that we can stand together and bring God's glory throughout all of this. Pray that lives are brought to God. Please also excuse the super long post lately, I am sorry for my rambling.

You are sad and discouraged, tossed around in a storm. But I, the Lord, will rebuild your city. -Isaiah 54:11

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