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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Picking up the Pieces...

My tiny town is full of wonderful people. Even throughout this horrible damage everyone is stepping up offering to help each other. This excites me and shows me how great it is to live in a southern town. So many churches and businesses have opened their doors to victims offering shelter, food and showers. So many others are also offering up their homes to help. How great is that!
We received power yesterday, way quicker than anyone excepted. I want to say thanks to everyone helping in our community. At work today, Red Cross came in and I asked where they were from. Some were from Ohio, Mississippi, New York and California. People from all over the United States have come to help.
Sadly, 63 people so far have died in my county and their is still some missing. That is just this county. Altogether, in every state this tornado went through, the death toll is 332. Their is still hundreds missing. Please pray that they are found safe. They said this tornado was an EF-4 but they are still reviewing and it may be upgraded to an EF-5
It never gets easier driving through this. I cry everytime. This is my town, my home, my community and its suffering. They have temporary morgues set up at fire stations because the funeral homes are to full. That to makes me cry. And, I will post pictures now. I am not gawking. I am not being rude in anyway, I am simply showing people what we are going through. I will tell you what these used to be just so you know. This pictures do no justice for what has really happened here. Also this are just from Rainsville, I do not have any from other parts of this County or from any other Counties.

This was the tornado as it started to come thru.

This was the County Civic Center
This was just a little store
A road sign
A house

A Barn

This was a Sola Plant

The High School

The Wing House, my favortie resturant

Debris in the road

A barn

The High school gym


A church

The Huddle House

Inside a classroom

A Classroom

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