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Monday, November 14, 2011

16 weeks and heartache...

I realize that I have still failed to post a belly picture but do not worry I will post one and hopefully have it up by the end of this week. I had one on my cell phone to post but my phone crashed so I lost all my pictures.

How Far Along: 16 weeks

Total Weight Gain: 5 lbs, major jump from last week. What can I say, I LOVE food!

Maternity Clothes: sweat pants have become my best friend!

Stretch Marks: getting some on my legs, eeeek!

Best Moment this Week: Buying some baby stuff, I can not wait till the 28th because we find out whether we have a Konnor or a Kennedy! BTW- I'm pretty sure we have a Konnor but I'll be more than happy either way! :)

Movement: I haven't felt a kick since last week but my doctor says its normal because the baby is not big enough to feel kicks every day yet. However, I can always tell where the baby is in my stomach and he/she moves like crazy! I have a very active sweetie in there! :)

Food Cravings: Strawberries and Ice.

Labor Signs: No - and I hope to keep it that way for a while

Belly Button Innie or Outtie: Still an innie, but my belly button is getting bigger!

What are You Looking Forward to this Week: hopefully more kicks! :)

I'm having a very tough day today. There is 4 pregnant girls at work. One is 34 weeks, one is 26 weeks, I'm 16 weeks, and the girl I call my pregnancy buddy because we are close in our due dates was 12 weeks. Sadly, Chastity (my pregnancy buddy) lost her sweet baby early this morning. I have yet to hear all the details but all I know is she woke up around 3 with very heavy bleeding. She went to the ER and they confirmed every expecting mothers' worst nightmare, her sweet baby went to be with Jesus. They found out she was carrying a little girl and they named her Abigail Rose. I have no words to express how deeply heartbroken I am for her. I can not imagine the pain she is going thru and all I can do is cry because I can't help but think this could have been my baby. I will never understand why miscarriages happen but I also know not to question God. He has a much better plan for her baby but that doesn't help the pain anyone in her family and especially the pain her and her boyfriend are going thru. Please keep her and her family in your prayers.

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Becca said...

OH NO!! I am sorry to hear that! I had a miscarriage a couple of months before I became pregnant with Aubrey and it was honestly the hardest thing I have ever been through. My heart just aches for her. I will definitely keep her in my prayers.

AND YOU MISSY.... You better post a picture soon! I can't believe you are already 16 weeks!!