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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Our hospital visit...

Last Sunday, I was at work at 7 am and about 9 am, I started feeling really lightheaded so I told another co-worker that I was talking to and she took me over to sit down and that was the last thing I remember. Just a side note, I've passed out before because I have low blood sugar and I have been very dizzy twice since I was pregnant. But this time it was very different, when I told Bethany i didnt feel good, I couldn't breath, I could feel my heart rate slowing down and all sound completely faded out. I woke up in the ambulance and they took all of the necessary tests. They told me that I passed out before even making it to the table and landed face first, and when Bethany and a customer had went to pick me up my whole body went limp, I was ghostly pale and my lips were purple. So they called the ambulance. My mom and dad met me at the ER and they sat in the room with me while they took more blood work, done an EKG, ran more test, and answered a million and 5 questions. Finally, a lady came in there to check on baby Konnor and try to find his heartbeat. She tried for 10 minutes. She had me roll over on both sides and tried to find him there, she went all over my belly and as low as we thought he may be searching for his heartbeat. Nothing. She didnt say a word to me, she just got up and walked out. Right then, I freaked out and cried like I've never cried before. It made things worse because I looked over and saw my mom crying and my dad walked out in tears. That's when we decided it was time to call Justin and let him know we were there and what was going on. He was there super fast and held my hand the rest of the time.

Now this is where I get pissed off, which does not happen often now that I am pregnant because I dont wanna cause my baby any unnecessary stress. The ER doctor comes in there all happy and what not and tells me that after reading all of my tests, it showed that my blood sugar and blood pressure had bottomed out, i was dehydrated and that the baby was taking more nutrition from me than my body was giving out. He gave me some pills to take to boost my appetite and told me to drink plenty of water and take the rest of the day off. Simple enough right. Seems all happy huh, they determined my reason right? Well yes, but then he tells me I can go home right then. UMMMM HELLO? Where the heck is someone from the OB floor to help find my baby's heartbeat because in case you forgot, your dumb nurse never found it. He had the nerve to tell me that my reason for being there was not pregnancy related and there was nothing he could do unless I wanted to schedule an appointment the following day at my OB doctors. Ok, step back and read the cause of me passing out. THE BABY is taking to much from me. Therefore, I think this is a pregnancy related cause but even if not, no one has found his heartbeat therefore, that becomes a whole other reason to be in the ER. But all I get is a "sorry, there is nothing I can do".

So we had to leave with no answers at all. I called my ob emergency hot line and got a call right back and they took me in to find the heartbeat. As soon as I got there, they found it. His heartbeat was 160. They told me that when I fell, baby Konnor got scared and moved to the back of my uterus which caused the lady from the ER not to find it because her equipment was not high-tech as theirs. I was very relieved to hear that Konnor was okay.  But I am still very upset with that hospital. But the main concern for everyone in my family is always Konnor and he was okay therefore, I was calmed down and was able to provide a less stressful comfy home in my tummy for my sweet little guy! :)

Sorry this was such a long post but thank you if you made it thru it. And Konnor is kicking like crazy so he says thank you as well :)

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