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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

wow that's alot of jumbled up mess...

I have lots to talk about because i know everyone is getting tired of every post being baby related.

  • Bonfires seem to be a thing me and Justin do every weekend now but what can we say, we love them! This past weekend we had one at my house and it was lots of fun. My dad made the best steaks ever, yummy baked potatoes, cowboy beans, rolls and corn on the cob. For dessert, why smores of course :)

I dunno why this wont turn the right way? grrr!

My little godsister, Kamber! Cant you tell she is a beauty queen!?!?!? :)

LeeLee and Kamber! :)

  • Later that night we all played phase 10, because well me and Justin are champs at that game! Well, I was winning to begin with then somehow I got stuck on phase 7. I repeated that phase 13 times!!! That has to be a new record, I came in last but Justin won so he got to keep his title. We all stayed up till 2:30 that morning playing, bad thing was, I had to be at work that next morning at 7. Yikes!

  • In my family we never put any Christmas stuff up before Thanksgiving, its just something we have always grown up doing. Therefore, seeing everyone's Christmas pictures makes me believe we are probably the only people in the whole world who wait anymore. Not that there is anything wrong with this because I LOVE Christmas, BUT I love food alot to, therefore, I LOVE Thanksgiving!!! However, at work we have already started playing Christmas music and have had our Christmas trees up before Halloween was even over so maybe just maybe, Im kinda like really excited for Christmas this year!

  • Even though we dont start putting up Christmas stuff till the day after Thanksgiving, I do Christmas shopping all year long that way my paycheck doesn't completely go nonexisit closer to the Holidays. I've found amazing deals all through out the year and I'm done with my shopping except for my mom and Justin, but I know exactly what I'm getting them I'm just waiting on it all to go on sale.

  • So next week is Thanksgiving, and Black Friday which means work is crazy seeing as I work in retail but to top it all off on Thanksgiving I have to be there at 4am, which is also Justin's birthday. I get off at 1 that afternoon, I have to run home change and be at his house to eat all that yummy turkey! Then Friday, I have to be at work at 3 am and get off at 2:45, that night we are going out with all of Justin's friends to celebrate his birthday. Then Saturday, me and Justin have to be ready by 8am for a wedding we are both in, then I have to be at work at 5pm that night and work till 1am. Wow, im gonna be completely tired that whole week!!!!!

  • Carrie Underwood singing How Great Thou Art' always brings me to a big jumble of mess. The song touches me in just the right way. We do serve such an amazing God who has blessed us in ways more than I could ever deserve and I never thank him enough. This song puts everything I feel into the best song possible. Listen to it, and I bet you cry too!

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Becca said...

AGH! You are 18 weeks!!! Almost time to find out what you are having! Kamber is beautiful. I hope that you guys had a great Thanksgiving and that Black Friday wasn't too hard on ya!