My life as a mommy :)

Monday, January 23, 2012

26 weeks...

How far along? 26 weeks

Baby's size: the doctor confirmed that he weighs 1 lb 14 oz!! He is also the size of an eggplant, bless his little heart he is so cramped in mommy's belly. He has his foot by his ear lol

Total weight gain/loss: 18 lbs

Stretch marks? Just those on my legs! I lather myself in lotion 3 times a day!

Sleep? Ehhhh, I wake up at least 5 times a night to pee and get a little snack around 2 am. Then I wake up when he is awake because now his kicks are much stronger but I love it :)

Maternity clothes? I went and bought some maternity shirts this weekend because my regular shirts werent long enough to cover my belly anymore. I also started wearing leggings and it's so comfy!

Best moment this week: getting to see konnor on the sonogram, he has gotten do much bigger and I love getting to see him. He just melts my heart!

Worst Moment: finding out I am anemic.

Cravings: Pancakes and Brownies

Symptoms: difficulty breathing, Swollen feet, heartburn and backaches.

Miss Anything? Being able to bend. My belly just gets in the way lol

Movement: I have an active baby :) he is awake about every 4 hours for 30 minutes at a time.

Anything making you queasy or sick? Green Beans and burger king!

Sex: BOY!!!

What is baby up to? His eyes are no longer fused shut so he can finally see :) also he has hair growing this week!!!


Annie said...

ah! you are too cute!!! i ate pancakes and brownies like i would die without them with i was pregnant!!
glad you discovered that leggins are the best thing ever ;) i actually found out the same thing while pregnant, i bought two pairs from gap and i lived in them! now after baby i wear leggins on a daily basis!! LOVE them :)
i don't know if you drink a lot of water but when i was pregnant i drank about 100 ounces a day and did lotion once a day and i didn't get any stretch marks. i have always heard drinking a lot of water helps and i believe that after not getting any stretch marks.

Becca said...

YOU are SUPER adorable!!

I disagree with Annie about the stretchmarks. I lotioned myself at least twice a day and drank a ton of water. I just got a few my last week of being pregnant with Autumn but got several more with Aubrey. I think and have read that it is mostly just genetics. BUT they have faded and I don't mind them at all- just another small price to pay for such huge blessings!