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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Playing Catch Up...

We have finally moved into our new house :) we moved in Dec 21, hence the long absence from blogging. We love our new house and we are so happy to be living together. We are having a house warming shower in Feb so I will wait to post pictures till then.
We are both still working, he works full time making windows as a supervisor and I still work at Kmart. It's hard working and trying to enjoy our time as a couple before Konnor gets here because I work till 930 at night and Justin leaves for work at 5 every morning so we don't see each other much except on Fridays Saturdays and Sundays when we both have the whole weekend off. Justin is so excited to become a daddy and he talks everyday about how he can't wait for konnor to get here!
Speaking of Konnor, at my 21 week appointment they told me I was measuring 24 weeks and that when I came for my next appointment if I was still measuring big then they would possibly change my due date to the beginning of April. I go back for my sugar test and sonogram next Thursday so we will find out then :) I love feeling konnor move and kick. He seems to be a very active baby and I can already tell he is gonna have an attitude like his mommy. I Judy cant wait to meet my beautiful baby boy :)
Kayden is now 19 months old and he us sweeter than ever. He has learned tons of new words and loves trucks! He makes all sorts of noises when he plays. I will post Christmas pictures of him when I get to a computer. He still loves to kiss my belly and rub it and we are trying to teach him how to love on babies.

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