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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Baby Boy Update...

I had my 25 week check-up today and it went great! If you've been pregnant before then you know that 24-26 weeks is when you take your sugar test. I was real nervous about it because I had to fast before the test and I already have sugar problems. The drink tasted pretty nasty but I kept it down and my results will be back in 3 days. I also had a sonogram done and he looks perfect!!!! He weighs 1 lb 14 oz and has his daddy's long legs and nose. He was very active during the sonogram and showed us all his moves. They even gave me a sneak peek of a 4d for him and seeing what he actually looks like made my heat melt!! I go for my complete 4d Feb. 21 I did however receive some not to amazing news. I am amenic and have been put on iron pills. The doctor said my iron is low enough that it would require a blood transfusion during labor if my pills didn't raise it so please pray that it gets higher! Overall Konnor is the most beautiful baby and I can't wait to meet him!!!

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Annie said...

so exciting!! you are getting so close hun! i love the sonogram pictures!! they are so precious! i hope you passed your test. and i'm sorry you thought the drink was so bad :( i thought it tasted like orange soda ;)
can't wait for you to meet your little one!!