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Friday, April 29, 2011

War Zone...

Those are really the only words I can find that describes what my town and county looks like. You see some spots, such as my street, where nothing happened except for a few tress blown down but then you turn the corner and it looks like someone dropped a bomb into the middle of town. It doesn't like anything like I remembered.We have curfews, we are not allowed out from 9pm till 6 am, which I think is a great thing because with no power it saves lives due to people running non-working red lights. Also, people have been breaking into homes since no one around has power or they are digging around in the rubble for stuff to steal. How sad is that! Please pray for them!We have no power and they have begun rationing out water and cell phone service to the towns that were hit. We have no generator so we live off of flashlights and candles and last night we even cooked off of our kerosene heater. We charge our phones in the car and we have so many nice friends with gas water that have allowed us to come over a take showers. But see that is the thing. After I take my shower, I go to MY HOME, to MY BED, with MY FAMILY. There is so many people out here who can not say that. Over 300 houses have been destroyed in my county alone, this is not counting the rest of the state. And last we heard around 44 people have passed away in my community. All I can do is thank the Lord that he has saved so many lives and that so many people are stepping up to help each other. So many volunteers have created shelters, so many restaurants are giving away free food and tons of places have clothes shelters. People from all over the state have come to help clean up. That is God's amazing work right there. I am so blessed to see that. Please continue to pray for this state, and also the other states that have been hit so hard. God is moving around here, I can tell and that makes me so glad and giddy.
Also, if anyone knows how to post pictures from my blackberry to my blog please let me know. Either way, I am waiting to post pictures because after much praying I feel that it is not right to post pictures about others misfortune. And excuse my typos, I know there is a lot.
Pray, pray, pray that's all I ask. And praise God, for he is wonderful :)

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