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Friday, August 5, 2011

Bad Parenting...

I see all sorts of parents in my job.
 Good parents.
 Bad parents.
 Parents who let their kids run around like hellions.
 Parents who keep germ x attached to their kids' hands {this will be me}
Today, I saw possibly the biggest Bitch ever {sorry}!!!!!! I was working Layaway and you can't put clearance on layaway, well this skanky nasty piece of lady {i know i shouldn't judge but ya'll, she deserves to be called way worse} comes in with clearance clothes for her kids and lingerie for herself {gag}. When I told her she couldn't put 3 outfits on layaway, she told her kids "sorry mommy and daddy need these underclothes more than you need school clothes" the little girl cried and the mom whopped her more than I ever seen before and called her a needy brat.
Don't get me wrong, I was raised getting my tail beat in public and I'm all for a good butt spanking but that was just rude and horrible of her!!!! I was so angry that I just walked off and left that skank ass back there alone.
Can't fed em, don't breed me
Can't clothe them, dont be a hoe bag!

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