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Sunday, August 14, 2011

I'm the real thang...

I have saw on a few blogs where people wrote 50 facts about themselves that people may not know about them and I thought it would be fun to join in :)

1. I am the middle child, but all three of us are so different!
2. I found my true love when I was 15, and 10 months ago we got back together for good :)
3. I am addicted to sunflower seeds, I could go through a bag a day!
4. I have had the same best friend since Kindergarten
5. I buy things super cheap then resale them for more
6. I have my belly button pierced
7. I am allergic to nickel, omxilicin, penicillin, watermelon and cucumbers
8. I wish I had a baby, but I know I cant afford one therefore, I don't!
9. I eat just about everything with ketchup on it
10. I hate all kinds of seafood, including shrimp
11. I have had more cellphones than I can count
12. I am a huge book worm!
13. I have a weird obsession with higher sets of kids (quints, sextuplets)
14. I wish I could cause great harm to Casey Anthony
15. I wish I had a pet llama
16. I pretty much only listen to country
17. I love storms, till they turn bad enough for tornadoes
18. I know every word and song to Dirty Dancing
19. I am horribly afraid of being kidnapped/murdered!
20. I refuse to stay home alone
21. I have low blood sugar problems which cause me to pass out
22. I wish I was a cook
23. I can only cook chicken casserole
24. I am on my third car
25. I love yardsaling!
26. Couponing is my new hobby and quickly becoming a lifestyle
27. I pray daily that God guides me to be a wonderful wife and mom
28. I once dated a sweet sweet guy who was deaf, he taught me so much!
29. I am now on my third job and planning on being there throughout college
30. I didnt get along with anyone in my grade but about 5 people
31. I won prom queen my senior year
32. I won little miss chatterbox in our who's who's remix
33. I use to be a pageant girl when I was younger
34. My house burnt down in the 8th grade
35. I have dyed my hair more times than I can count
36. We have moved more than I can count also
37. I played basketball, softball and was a cheerleader until I started high school
38. I sucked my thumb for a very very long time
39. I still love watching kiddie shows
40. I never met a stranger, ever!
41. I am not a good secret keeper
42. I can burp like a champ!!!
43. I will randomly bust out in an old song and start dancing
44. I took two years of spanish and hardly know a word of it.
45. I am the shortest person in my family
46. I got sent to the ER when I was 4 because I stuck two tiny bean bag balls up my nose
47. I had braces but only for 14 months
48. My walls are pepto bismol pink and I love it!
49. I cant wait to marry Justin!
50. I wanna have a Dirty Dancing themed wedding!

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Brunette & Blessed said...

cute blog! Just found you and love the title! Also I love this dirty dancing themed wedding idea! that would be adorable