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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

WILW {Newly Purchased Items Edition}

I am linking up with the wonderful Jamie at This Kind of Love :)

I am loving...
My New Zebra and Hot Pink Seat Covers!!!!
{It wont let me turn it the right way}
But I got those beauties for $20 at a Yard Sale!

I'm loving...
My Pretty Necklace
{this wont turn either, grrr!}
I got it for $8 at Rue 21!

I'm loving...
The new backpack my mommy bought me :)
She ordered it online
$25 with name included!

I'm Loving...
 Olay Complete Moisturizer
$10 at Kmart
It smells clean and refreshing and is oil free!

I'm also loving all my new blog followers and my old :)
Ya'll truly are amazing and I enjoy hearing from you guys!
Ya'll always brighten my day!!!

1 comment:

Camylla Leonardi said...

You got some cool stuff girl!! LOVE those seat covers! Super girly! :)