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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bragging on my Lord!!!

I feel like I never say enough how amazing my God is! He knows exactly what I need and never fails to beyond what I could ever imagine. My family has been struggling with money with school starting back and having to pay for college and all. My whole family sat down one night and prayed to God that he would show us a better way to manage our money and help us. Not even a week later, my dad got an AMAZING job offer that he couldn't help but accept! A week ago, his old employer sent him a gift card to wal-mart in the mail thanking him for his time. This week I won a giveaway that I'm using as a Christmas gift. And then yesterday, I got a gift card to Kmart in the mail thanking me for being a hard working employee. All in TWO weeks, our God provided for us in such an amazing way and we couldn't be more thankful! It's things like this that prove to me how wonderful of a God I serve!

and just because he is the biggest blessing my family has ever received, here is a picture of Kayden being silly :)


Camylla Leonardi said...

Your blog is amazing! I love how you put your faith out there not scared of what people will have to say about you, or not scared of being criticized. It's very inspiring! God is good all the time! and just keep your faith in Him and He will ALWAYS provide!

New follower :)

Lots of Love,

Morgan said...

This story is amazing! Thanks for sharing.

Becca said...

Sounds like there are a lot of amazing things happening in your life right now! And it is all because of Him!

That picture of Kayden is super fun! I bet you guys just eat him up!