My life as a mommy :)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Its Ok to act a fool :)

I am linking with up Neely at A Complete Waste of Makeup for It's Okay Thursday :)

Its Ok...

That I felt the need to wear sweatpants and my hair up to work today, I'm sick so ha!

That I wanna buy some people soap and shampoo because they look SKANKY!!!

That I ask parents to make their kid(s) stop yelling, its a store not a zoo!

That today was a total waste of makeup kinda day!
makeup can only hide so much sickness

That I think people who eat tons and are still super skinny are buttholes!

That my nails are always painted pink!

That I seriously believe I'm gonna marry Kenny Chesney, sorry Justin

That I check my facebook and blog way too much!

That's all for today, don't forget to link up with the wonderful Neely and Amber :)



Neely said...

Sweatpants for the win! Thanks for linking up!

Amber said...

I check my twitter and blog too much, ha! And love pink nails :)