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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Thank you && Obsessions...

Big Thank You to Julie @ thesmittenmintons for understanding the stress of working in Customer Service and for reassuring me that everything will get better, it is just a tiny bump in the road to my future. However, I did not make these cupcakes, they do look very yummy and I hope you enjoy the sight of them Julie :)


This handsome little guy will always be an obsession of mine! I just can't believe how big he is getting, 10 months old! I am beyond ecstatic that I was blessed to be his aunt and I couldn't be more in love with anyone else. Auntie Ashley loves you Kayden! :)

These yummy things have currently become an obsession to me! I have to eat them every morning or I feel like I might have with-drawls.

Weird obsession huh? Well I have seen every Scream movie and I loved them! I'm not a big scary movie person but I remember watching these as a kid and having to run and leap on top of my bed because I feared he was hiding underneath. Well I seem to live under a rock because I did not know that there was a Scream 4 that came out yesterday. My boyfriend texted me and said "Oh, btw Saturday night me, you and your brother and his girlfriend are going to watch Scream 4" I was shocked but totally excited. We even had a little Scream marathon last night while we toughed out the tornadoes that came thru Alabama.

So, again thanks to Julie and you truly helped me alot. Plus, I love that we live in the South together so you understand all the fun southern things.



Annie said...

your nephew is ADORABLE!!

p.s. found you through becca's blog :) new follower!

Becca said...

Your nephew is super handsome!! I am sure you just can't get enough of him!

Those chocolate drops... my hubby and oldest LOVE them! I am not a fan of white chocolate but I do like the other ones. AND Scream 4, I can't wait to see it. There are sooo many actors in it that I really like!

Thank you for your super sweet comment! It put a smile on my face (= I am so glad you came across my blog!

Julie said...

You are so sweet! Thanks so much for the delicious looking cupcakes! :) I'm glad what I said made you feel better....I just cannot stand when people are rude for no reason! Hope you have a great day! :)