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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What I Love Wednesday :)

I am linking up with Jamie today for another WILW :)

I am loving... That on May 2nd, I will be done with school till Fall. I decided to take the summer off with gas prices being so high.

I am loving... That my boyfriend has been playing in an intermural basketball league where he goes to college at and he done so good :)

I am loving... That my little Kayden is growing so much and loves to get in everything!
I am loving... That Tara is having a wonderful giveaway :)

I am loving... That I've started laying in the tanning bed again. Hello dark skin and relaxation :)

This is from last summer. May not be dark to some but to me, I was :)

I am loving... This song and especially the music video. I am so glad that the Lord has placed the drive to want to become a Pediatric Oncologist into my heart and I just hope and pray that I can do what the Lord ask of me and help save these children because they DO NOT deserve to suffer!

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