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Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend...

I had no Easter fun at all this weekend.
Friday- I worked.
Saturday- I worked.
Sunday- I worked. All day. All night.
I am so sad that I missed my sister's church drama, my nephew hunting Easter eggs, my family food, but most important, I missed worshipping my God with other believers. I will say, I held my own little church service just me and God. Sometimes those are the best because I feel the Lord speaking to me. I pray and have no distractions. I know the bible verse that was laid on my heart was for me, well because I am the only one. So yes, I still had my church time. Just not the same as others. But still it stunk having to work. I honestly broke down when I got to work because I missed Kayden so bad and really wanted to spend his first Easter with him. My sister said he had a great Easter so that excites me. Here are some pictures she sent me of the handsome little guy :)
Kayden and my mom hunting eggs
My Brother-in-Law, Kayden, and Heather :)

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Becca said...

That stinks you had to work ALL weekend! Your nephew looked ADORABLE in his little outfits! That matching hat was too cute~