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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Cant Read Sir??

WOMEN. This says WOMEN. Every restroom has a WOMEN sign on the WOMEN's restroom. Well tonight at work, I went to the WOMEN's restroom but saw a man standing there washing his hands. I knew I was in the right bathroom, well because I work there so I know exactly which door to go too. The man looks at me and says "I'm sorry but the ladies room is next door" so very nicely I say "but sir, this has no urinal" and he says "I know, this is a weird store I guess" Then he notices my name tag and says "Oh my goodness, I'm totally in the ladies room"

bahahahahaha, just had to share this totally funny but somewhat strange story with my bloggy friends :)


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Becca said...

OH gosh!!! That is hilarious! Poor guy!