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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Weekend Love...

My whole weekend has been spent studying for finals and working but last night me and the boyfriend got out for just a bit so we could both relax. (I promise me and Justin will update pictures, he hates them so it's a struggle to get new pictures) We ate at Applebees and I promise to you I have found my newest love!
Crispy Orange Chicken!!
Oh my goodness, I am not lying when I talk about AMAZING!!!!! Plus it looked healthy and had broccoli in it which I love, so it made it 4565454652356 times better!!

Cadbury Creme Eggs :)
Talk about a party in your mouth! I have made Justin go to the store twice in one day to get me these :) I am now addicted! 

Tomorrow will be little guy's first Easter :) I still can not believe how blessed I am to be his aunt, He has taught me what true love is and I know he will turn out to be an awesome Prince of God because he has wonderful parents guiding him into God's light. I look at him and know that there is a God, because otherwise Kayden would not be here. I honestly believe he was sent here to be his Auntie Ashley's little Angel!


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