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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Complete Destruction...

Please pray for us. I live in Rainsville, Alabama as of right now we have 33 people who have passed away and still some missing.Just driving through my town not being able to recognize anything makes me cry! The town where I went to high school and where my sister lives was also hit. My sister's road is a complete disaster. The roads are blocked and there is so much damage done. My sister's house is fine but her neighborhood was not lucky! We are certainly without power ( I am posting off of my blackberry) and they said we will be without power for 7 to 10 days and they are warning us of gas and water shortages. I can not post pictures from my phone but I will once power is back up.People I go to church with lost their house, many of my friends have also lost their house. The high school in Rainsville was destroyed and also the civic center beside the school, where most Dekalb County students graduate from. So far Alabama has 174 deaths, and still counting.Please pray for those whose houses were damaged or completely destroyed. I thank the lord for protecting us and I am so thankful we are all safe and so many people are willing to help. Please pray!

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