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Saturday, April 2, 2011


My best friend Erica and her fiance Jermiah had their beautiful little boy Brody Cole on Wednesday :) Justin and I went to visit them Wednesday after he was born and I fell in love, he was just adorable! Justin was also very excited, which excited me :) Then Thursday, My sister Heather, My lovely nephew Kayden and I went back to see them again. Kayden didn't really know what to think about his mommy and auntie holding another baby and seemed to get a little jealous. He wanted everyone's attention, as always, and made sure we knew he was still there. What can I say, Kayden is just like his auntie.

Erica and Jermiah :)

Erica had to have a C-section because Brody was a whopping 9lb 8ozs.


Becca said...

Oh he {and your nephew} is just precious!! I love his name too!

Ashley said...

Thanks so much! Your little girls are beautiful and I love your blog design!!!!